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Coupon Payment Structures. Bonds with Contingency Provisions 5. Callable Bonds 5. Putable Bonds 5. Convertible Bonds. Classification of Fixed-Income Markets 2. Fixed Income Indices 2. Investors in Fixed-Income Securities. Primary and Secondary Bond Markets 3. Primary Bond Markets 3. Secondary Bond Markets. Sovereign Bonds. Non-Sovereign Bonds 5. Quasi-Government Bonds 5. Supranational Bonds. Corporate Debt 6. Bank Loans and Syndicated Loans 6.

Asset-Backed Securities

Commercial Paper 6. Corporate Notes and Bonds. Structured Financial Instruments 7. Capital Protected Instruments 7. Yield Enhancement Instruments 7. Participation Instruments 7. Leveraged Instruments. Retail Deposits 8. Short-Term Wholesale Funds 8. Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Agreements. R52 Introduction to Fixed Income Valuation.

Bond Pricing with a Market Discount Rate 2. Yield-to-Maturity 2.

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Relationship between the Bond Price and Bond Characteristics 2. Pricing Bonds with Spot Rates. Matrix Pricing 3. Yield Measures for Fixed-Rate Bonds 3. Yield Measures for Floating-Rate Notes 3. Yield Measures for Money Market Instruments. The Maturity Structure of Interest Rates. Yield Spreads.

A Key Metrics Rundown for Securitized Product Investors

R53 Introduction to Asset Backed Securities. An Example of a Securitization 3. Parties to a Securitization and Their Roles 3. Structure of a Securitization 3. Key Role of the Special Purpose Entity. Residential Mortgage Loans 4. Maturity 4. Interest Rate Determination 4. Amortization Schedule 4. Prepayment Options and Prepayment Penalties 4. Rights of the Lender in a Foreclosure. Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities 5.

Mortgage Pass-Through Securities 5. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation 5. Non-agency Residential Mortgage Backed Securities. Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities 6.

Difference between fixed income securities and variable income securities

Credit Risk 6. CMBS Structure. Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Securities 7.

Auto Loan ABS 7. Collateralized Debt Obligations 8. Powered and implemented by FactSet. Legal Statement. Centerville , OH Fax : Map and Directions.

Breaking Down the Differences

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Explaining Bond Prices and Bond Yields
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