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No apology just line goes dead I did call back on one number briefly. Greeted by man. Sadly or not he got what mum would have called " a right gobfull ,. No swearing just the truth about them being criminals and fruadsters.

Cadbury - Jun AM. Just had a call from a person named Kelly who said she was from Sky maintenance and that my cover was about to expire. Said they were doing a deal on maintenance and quoted a price for a year, and larger discounted price for 3 years cover. Gave me a number for engineers of for any call out requirement. I said I pay by direct debit.

She then said you had to pay by card to get the discount. Obviously this confirmed my suspicions that this was a scam call so I said I wasn't prepared to pay on card. She then said she would make a note and then ended the call.

The number she called from was Security check - what is your date of birth? Now just confirm your bank details so we can set up the new direct debit. Your new box will arrive on Saturday. Norbs - May PM. Call from stating calling from sky to say they had been having difficulties with sky boxes and they were updating a they would send out a engineer They also wanted details of dob bank account ,sort codes etc. When I told them that they would also have already have those details. I contacted sky they knew what nothing of what I had been told.

Dusty - Apr AM. Like Ray I was asked for was asked my d. I checked my phone history and the number was a Lauder Scotland number although the guy said he was ringing from Scotlandthe number is According to my phone history they called 7 times in 2 days persistent I would say. Doccon - Apr AM. Just had Indian lady claiming to be from Sky telling me I was about to receive a new sky box I was asked my d.

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Having read other similar comments,I'm now looking forward to her ringing me back. Ray - Mar AM. Had a phone call from "Sky Protect" today offering a huge discount on Sky equipment insurance. I refused to give them, smelling a rat. I said- send details in writing, he said that was impossible Cols - 4-Feb PM.

Received a phone call from Indian lady called 'Lara" at am purporting to be from Sky. Told her no way and not to call back ever and hung up. Called from Definite scam Oggy - Oct AM. Just received same call purporting to be from Sky Refund Department. When I said I had something to tell him i. He did know my post code. SimplyMe - Aug PM. I received a call 9.

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She said if she can talk to my wife I said well we are not sky customers and my wife is not home she asked me if we were sky customerin the past I said yes over two years ago she said okay you overpaid at that time and this amount is to be paid in your bank account I was naive said okay and then I confirmed to her my d. I asked her if I can call her back she said no you can talk to my manager the fake manager assured me that amount is going to be paid in my bank account so dont worry. I disconnected the telephone line and tried to call back on her number it was withheld numberand she rang me again asking my for card number I disconnected the line again in the meantime I put mobile number on google to find out.

Luckily I didnt had given my account number to them,when she rang me the third time I said can you speak to the police she hang up immediately. Syed Ali - Aug AM.

Maggie - 6-Aug PM. Just had a call from a lady could hardly understand her but she said I was due a refund but didn't believe her it was a mobile number eggreig - Jun AM.

What is Sky Q, how much does it cost and how can I get it?

The last call I received was at 10 past 8 this morning, they are so thick skinned. Sky switch team called before Sky was supposed to call claiming that they were going to help with broadband installation.

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Big error; plus the people at Sky always had a Scottish accent whenever I talked to them. You're not the first person to have experienced this. It's ridiculous that SKY gives you a secure login to your account on its website but via which you cannot cancel your contract. It suggests they have no confidence in their own security procedures or could it be that they want to speak to you on the phone to try and persuade you to stay??

Where in the UK do you live Ferdinand? And what was the black car?

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LincolnshirePoacher - Sep AM. I watched the two men in the car park behind my hedge, get out of the car, open the hatchback and put on high visibility jackets - I thought they were some kind of road work engineers. Then they walked up my driveway and rang the bell.

I cautiously answered the door - they said they were from SKY they had a sky logo on their sweatshirts, but it was the wrong typeface. They said ' we've come to check the work the SKY engineer has just done'. Well, how rediculous is that! Two people, in high visibility jackets, in an unmarked family car, both with clip-boards in hand checking the work of one man who had just left!!!

I firmly told them I didn't want the work checked - they were suprised and tried to push it, so I closed the door. They very slowly walked back to their car, sat there for a while and eventually left. Meanwhile I phoned SKY, they told me they don't send out inspectors like that. I telephoned the local police and gave them the car reg which I had noted as it drove away. Police said they would keep a look out for the vehicle - I heard nothing more.

So, it seems they were following the engineer's van and trying on a scam. I wonder what they were planning to do? Then two days ago 2 years later I get a call saying my maintenance contract was coming up for renewal for my Sky HD box.


I asked where they got my number - he said 'from our database'. Well, I never take out maintenance contracts on anything, so I knew it was a scam. I told them I don't pay for any maintenance contracts - and put the phone down - I checked the number, but it was witheld.

Sky deal with Openreach aims to double superfast broadband base

Ferdinand - 1-Sep PM. Enter word:. Is This a Scam to Get Money? Bally Re: Sky TV Scam Just had a phone call from sky saying our 1 year anniversary with them was approaching, had a lovely gentlemen speak to me telling me all the things I… 28 August Ickle Re: Sky TV Scam Just had a call from a person called Jane with an Indian accent that my sky cover was due to run out, and that there is 3 packages with a some of money… 28 August Told her that I didn't know what she was talking about… 26 August Because I can only provide accurate payment reference number and amounts, the address… 25 July Refund on my Sky account asking DOB gave completely wrong one he took it.

Then asked for expiry date on… 25 June For many people, the only barrier to signing up for a Sky subscription is the difficulty of getting a satellite dish installed. Sky has recently announced that starting in , the company will be offering a dish-less service through their Sky Q. Until then, however, you still need a satellite dish for a Sky subscription, although there are some workarounds. Compare now. Communal TV systems let residents in flats subscribe to Sky without the need to get an individual satellite dish. Sky has three different types of communal TV systems: a shared dish, an integrated reception system and a single cable solution.

You can learn more about getting Sky in a block of flats in our guide.

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