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Sound complicated for a reward system? We were thinking the same thing, but we won't turn our noses at free drinks. Denny's — Through the app, you can earn a free Grand Slam meal on your next online order. Dunkin' Donuts — You can receive a free beverage upon signing up for Dunkin' Donuts' reward program. On your birthday, you get a DD perk.

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You also get one for every points. You can then earn more discounts once you earn 35 points.

20 Canadian Fast Food Industry Statistics and Trends

Krispy Kreme — Krispy Kreme rewards new sign-ups with a free doughnut, and you will also receive a free doughnut on your birthday. For true Krispy Kreme fans, you can earn free boxes of doughnuts and beverages after so many purchases. McDonald's — Once you sign up for the McDonalds' app, you will have access to free food and coupon offers. For example, on Fridays, you can receive a free medium-sized fry with any purchase.

Additionally, McDonald's also offers separate McCafe rewards which allow you to earn a free drink after purchasing five. Panera Bread — MyPanera Rewards gives free rewards to members for spending and just because. For example, in December, I was able to redeem a free bagel every day of the month. Similarly, I had a month where I could redeem a free coffee every day of the month. Members will also earn a free treat when they sign up for the app and on their birthday.

After so many visits, you will also receive a free meal or food item. Here are some more money-saving hacks for Panera Bread. Once you reach 25 points, you can redeem your points for a large three-topping pizza. You can also redeem lower levels of points for other food items. Check out these seven Papa John hacks for even more pizza savings.

Quiznos — Earn a free small sub or Gyro Flatbread with any purchase after downloading the app. You will also earn a free sub once your account reaches 70 points. You can earn 10 points by connecting through Facebook and one point for every dollar spent. Red Lobster — Red Lobster has a My Red Lobster Rewards app that is a loyalty program, you earn points for every dollar spent and start getting rewards at points.

When you sign up, you get 75 points so it's a start though not technically a freebie yet. Starbucks — Starbucks reward program is nothing to write home about, but you can earn a free beverage or meal item for every stars you earn.

7 Fast Food Apps That Will Get You Free Food In Canada - Narcity

You will also earn a free birthday drink. Earn bonus stars with periodic challenges, such as buying a certain drink five times within a week. Sonic will give you a free Slush or Drink medium! TGIFridays — Earn a free appetizer or dessert after signing up on the app. My free coupon was emailed within minutes of signing up on their app and can be redeemed through email, but the coupon does not show up in my app. You can also earn points for every dollar spent, which will then earn you free rewards like a free dessert for 50 points or a free sandwich or burger for 80 points.

Whataburger — Earn a free food item after five visits.

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You can redeem as low as 20 points. Get the mobile app. See Full Details! Also, check out their Monthly coupons right on the app.

Fast Food Apps – FREE FOOD Canada

Also, you can send Mobile gift cards and more. See the Details. You can find Buy 1 Get something free offers and mobile app coupons that will save you money! These mobile coupons vary by province and change every week or two.

Join the Subway Revolution — Most subways now have a drive through — but regardless its a healthier version of relative fast food! Never miss a chance to save by keeping all of your deals in the palm of your hand.

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I do tend to save a lot with PC points. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

What are some good coupon apps? I love the cash back system. There is a similar app called Caddle. Continue this thread. Foupon for all fast food coupons. A lot of the really crazy couponing you see is in the US The rise of extreme couponing has made a lot of stores lock down the really insane combinations serious couponers tend to love Couponing is practically a part-time job: finding the coupons, planning your meals around them, making multiple store stops every time you go shopping, coming up with storage solutions, etc.

It takes balls of steel to actually use those really abusive coupon combinations and most people probably don't have those But it's definitely a good idea to use Flipp, your local store flyers, or whatever to plan ahead and save some money on groceries if you have the time and flexibility.

fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada
fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada
fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada
fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada
fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada
fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada
fast food coupon app canada Fast food coupon app canada

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